About us

Who We Are

We are a privately owned company established with the primary objective of providing Medical Solutions, Consulting and Management servcies to our caregivers in Kuwait. Our aim to generate the most of Healthcare business by supplying healthcare sector with latest innovations, best quality and value-added products to the caregivers as well as patients.

The company brings a lot of experiences and know-how in kuwait market having a clear vision to grow, a focused business plan hand in hand with a stretegic goals and objectives to be a major player among the market leaders supported by a well planned target based on a long year of success stories that was build with a lot of passion, ethics, knowledge, huge network and trustful reputation.

Our Success

Being fully committed to our customers providing them with the best available in the market offering after sales-service through our well trained and qualified team

By representing number of leading international companies of repute who are the market leaders of their respective products which have been recognized, approved and used in almost all the discipline in Kuwait

By standing behind our products with full featured support programs from initial installation to onsite training, our highly team of customer service professionals is ready to get your call and respond quickly

Mission & Vision

  Our Mission

  • To be a leading Distributor of top branded medical in a very short time bringing lot of experiences with enthusiam, dedication and focus in the healthcare sector.
  • To grab any opportunity that will help to position our company as a market leader and one of the main player by providing the latest technologies supported by a well qualified team.
  • To create and maintain our excellent relationship with the customers by offering a well defined after sales customer service. To respond to all queries and to look for any potential that will help building our healthcare solution for better positioning.

  Our Vision

  • Is to become the market leader in our chosen businesses throughout the Kuwaiti market, yielding maximum return on investment for our shareholders and adding value to our stakeholders
  • Is to provide provide reliable, value added solutions to our customers through the introduction of new technologies and unique solutions imported from our technology partners
  • Is to adopt a comprehensive partnership culture with all employees, promoting team spirit and aligning their personal aspirations with that of the company‚Äôs vision

What We Do

  • Urology / Gynecology
  • Laparoscopy / Bariatric
  • Orthopedic
  • Safety products
  • Physiotherapy & Artificial limbs
  • Disposables & Supplies
  • IT Solutions

Quality made in Germany is applied In order to satisfy the needs of every Urologist and Gynecologist, we offering a wide choice of reusable State of the Art instruments in order to serve different indications e.g.: Cystoscopy, Resectoscopy, Urethrotomy, Uretro-Renoscopy, Nephroscopy, Hysteroscopy and wide range of different instruments and accessories.

There is no doubts that Laparoscopic surgery in improving and getting more popular. Our Vision is to support this practice to the maximum and to take it to the perfection. Our product range product range includes, HF lap. instruments, Lap. Instruments and Clip appliers, needle holders and Fascia closure device, Retractors, suction irrigation systems, reusable trocars and veress needles and different accessories.

Wide range of Orthopedic, Trauma and Spine implants of excellent quality and meet the exacting standards. The high quality of the products and our customer-oriented approach to the market have made our company known and popular.

Backed by a highly experienced team, we will continue to develop and source, innovative, safety engineered medical devices that will meet the changing needs in global healthcare well into the future.

We offer an extensive range of prosthetic treatments for all ages and activity levels. We make it a priority to assess the needs and requirements of each individual, and formulate a treatment plan to suit. Our experience and knowledge combined with the personal approach helps make the experience of being fitted with a prosthesis one that is most satisfying for our clients and our staff.

Different sizes and shapes of a variety of Disposable Circular Staplers, Disposable Linear Cutter for endoscopic use, Disposable circular Stapler for Hemorrhoids, Disposable Linear Staplers, Disposable Linear Cutter Staplers, disposable Trocars and other Hospital supplies such as high-end quality with excellent wearing comfort and a perfect fit, thanks to an innovative designing. The product performance exceeds regulatory requirements by far, thus providing maximum security and safety.

An integrated "paperless" solution comprising specialist profession-based modules meeting the quality, standard and performance requirements of public and private Healthcare Institutions.

Our solution focuses on patient management, intra or inter healthcare units. Patient Records are simply created by acquiring information throughout the execution of each step of the management process, paying specific attention to optimisation of institution's resource planning.

Healthcare consultancy

MSC is very expert in delivering turnkey projects and solutions including renovations and new designs (Hospitals, Medical centers, Polyclinics,...) Providing the latest technologies following the international standards talking into consideration the market expansions and demands.

We provide the followings:
- Poject management
- Complete solutions including Equipment, Medical furniture
- Workflows, Procurement
- Shop drawings, Design, Layouts